Saturday, April 25, 2015

S is for Sci-Fi

My favorite kind of entertainment is sci-fi. I love science fiction books, movies, and TV shows more than any other type of entertainment. In fact, I love science in general so much that my favorite non-fiction books are books about any type of science. I also enjoy TV shows about hard science, and I love researching science and technology issues, and buying tech toys and tools.

Unfortunately, as far as sci-fi goes, all my favorite shows in the US always get canceled before their time. Last year was a massacre. My current favorite show, Forever (sort of a sci-fi Sherlock Holmes about a guy who lives forever), is labeled as certain to be canceled! And no, Arrow (even though I do love that show) is not sci-fi. I NEED my hardcore sci-fi!!

So here is a gif of Almost Human, one of my favorite shows of all time, which was canceled last year. This is in honor of all the best shows on TV, from Firefly to Stargate Universe, which were canceled way too soon.

Here are a few tweets about #scifi:

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  1. Loved Almost Human and Firefly. SciFi definitely doesn't get much shelf life on TV.